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Réal Desfossés - Lead Guitar, Keyboards, Backing Vocals

(Founding Member)

Real's focus is on the overall band experience. He enjoys playing in the slot between the rhythm section to fill in the sound... and yes at times to blister some good old Rock'in lead guitar. Playing in bands since he was 15 in varying blues, rock and pop bands has given him the experience in delivering quality music that people enjoy.

His passion is what drives Close Call to provide clients/audiences a musical experience which is met with excitement and fun.
Real is one of the major original material contributors and handles all the engineering and production of the recording process.

Other musical projects have lended Real's assitance in the recording of other bands in Close Call's own studio. One of the latest projects was a released album in 2012 by a band named "Krakatoa".

Réal's background is during the day he is an experienced I.T. Delivery Executive. Focusing on client solutions to improve achitectures and processes to realize improved manageable business objectives. It was upon return from one of his customer engagements in Paris, France, that he formed the band "Close Call".

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